Tuesday, April 19, 2016

2016 search of MIT

research has shown that MIT alumni are the greatest startup creators of all usa universities

but when you are at MIT, who do you connect with first to help job creation - this is one of our most urgent mapping exercises in 2016 = help welcome! further ref kiehl    jobscompetitions

Chuck Vollmer invited me to join his search for the greatest job creators-

out of the washington DC region Chuck www.jobenomics.com has spent much of his life doing this  his cable tv partner Sam Hancock of EmeraldPlanet.tv- Chuck expects to help public servants  (starting with those in communities of great need of under 30s jobs such as harlem and baltimore) in usa create at least 20 million jobs through specific small enterprise models whose microfranchises are already catalogued starting with many green and cloud-led markets sustainable youth communities value most

Chuck has invited me to map all of asia and especially how china can help all sustainability youth linkin in most productive decade

His target for me is to arrange a jobenomics interview with jack ma - the man from the birth of the internet in china on his first 100 million job mission out of ali baba

friends tell me the greatest sustainability goal jobs creation network is in bangladesh at www.brac.net which I research our  first under 30s exchange with next week

some crioical population notes for jobs and youth sustainability
half the world is under 30
half the world lives within 30000 miles of beijing

what does your jobs creating community see as the first way we can collaborate and host an open space around

current dialogues
with vatican university youth community
with dubai and UAE youth community
with Tsingua youth community
with MIT youth community
with Women4Empowerment youth community

Monday, April 18, 2016

today brookings the famous economics network in the heart of washington dc hosyted its annual global education summit

so who could be the greatest job creator at this summit

some of the proceedings- help us see who values education as the 21st C economy

Monday, January 9, 2012

This blog is a generalised public version of more specific debates that friends and I are have been building with different professional groups since 1976 towards 2010s being youths most productive decade - the year that Entrepreneurial Revolution networks first started linking in around my father's launch of genre of ER (Entreprenurial Revolution) at The Economist, and the year I started database models of what societies most wanted from every type of global market. In 2010, with father's death, youth and collaborators are are merging these networks around Foundation Norman Macrae (The Economist's Unacknowledged Giant) with a central project being celebration of 100 leaders of 2010s = youths most productive decade

around http://yclub100.com our searchers believe that with 1 million times more collaborative technology than when I grew up and adults raced to the moon, 2010s being youths most productive decade everywhere on mother earth cannot afford to be a dream - we can design economisc and other profesional convergence to celebrate its reality

some of the professions (crisis spun since date) I have met in the last 35 years that I invite to dialogues on pro-youth economics and 2O10s productivity are:
media : 80 tv ad spot becoming least economical media; book 84 lets design internet to smarten up rather than addict; 88 economist survey debate how new brand valuation algorithms misvalue trust; 94 death of brand manager - corporate brand is the whole interdispliary business model; eiu brand chartering : how service franchises action elarn living scripts; journal of market management 99 triple special issue on 21st c needs brand erality to be valued more than image; 03 jbm: specail issue totla corporate brand ersponsibility
accounting - 90 intangibles crisis union : errant valuation of brand, knowledge, all human flows of unique organsiaing purspose; 98 missing model of goodwill and sustainbility expoentials as extent to whohc multi-win model is governed; 01 connections of transparent conflict reolution with unseen wealth ersearch on compound risk; 03 testimonies in Brussels to EU researchers of intangibles crisis; o11 Brookings restartes 3 year research program on impacts of corporate purpose after 8 years hiatus
risk analysts
valuation experts
how technology change knowledge work and networking
future scenario faciliators and conflict resolution hosts
opinion researchers/ statistician modellers
translators of cross-cultural and cross-dmographic joy

if you are in one of these professions and want to interact, please suggest how

if you think there is another profession that would want to engage in debate of 2010s as youths most productive decadee, how do we start geeting in touch-

chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk tel usa 1- 301 881 1655 skype chrismacraedc